Allow a Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer Help You Be Compensated

Have you recently been involved in an unfortunate car accident in Fort Lauderdale, or another South Florida city? If so, this article is for you! Road traffic accidents lead to a personal injury claim and unwanted consequences. For instance, car accident victims may suffer broken bones, whiplash, torn ligaments, and paralysis. Needless to say, the medical expenses can be enormous.

We understand that suffering a road traffic collision is a very difficult position to be in. However, you must know that as a victim, you are entitled to be compensated for your injuries. Nonetheless, obtaining monetary compensation needs the help of a trained legal expert.

In order to attain your award, you must negotiate with the other party and their insurers. Furthermore, these cases are under Florida law, and it is necessary to prove negligence because fault will affect the amount of your settlement.

That is why you need to seek the expertise of a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer. These legal professionals will provide you with many benefits. Keep reading this article to learn about these advantages.

What Are The Most Common Causes of Car Accidents?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), speeding is the most recurrent cause of automobile collisions. An increase in average speed is directly related to the probability of a collision and the severity of the victims’ injuries. For instance, every 1% increase in speed produces a 4% growth in the fatal accident risk.

Driving under the influence of alcohol interferes with drivers’ reactions. The risk of a motor vehicle accident often begins at a low level of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and increases when the driver’s BAC is at or higher than 0.04 g/dl.  

Furthermore, the likelihood of being involved in an automobile crash significantly increases when driving under the influence of drugs. For example, the risk of a fatal collision among people who have used amphetamines is near five times the risk of someone who has not.

Texting while driving also affects a driver’s concentration on the road. The risk of a car accident increases as distracted people could miss red lights or drive on sidewalks.

What to Do After Being Involved in an Automobile Accident

First off, your health is the most important concern.  Whether you are injured or not, it is vital to call 911 to request immediate medical assistance for you and anybody riding with you in the vehicle.

If you are able to, move to a safe place on the side of the road or a sidewalk. If your car is safe to drive and is causing blocking traffic, drive it to the side of the road as well.

Do not leave the accident scene. Make sure you stay put where you are and wait for the local authorities to arrive. You can provide them with your statement about the accident. In turn, they will write a report of the crash that will act as valuable evidence for your claim.

If you are able to, gather evidence of the collision as well. Take photographs of the damage to your vehicle, your injuries, and license plate numbers of every party involved in the crash. In addition, exchange contact information with the other driver, and any other witnesses that were present at the moment of the crash. All of these assets will also comply with your car insurance policy mandates.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring The Best Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Attorney? 

  • Car accident lawyers in Fort Lauderdale are experts in the legal framework of personal injury law. For this reason, they can help you to correctly file your claim and  understand the  legal terms on documents.
  • In Florida, people are given four years from the date of the crash to file their lawsuit. This is called a statute of limitations. If they fail to present their claims within this timeframe, the court will surely deny these. A Fort Lauderdale car injury lawyer will help you expedite the process on time.
  • Personal injury victims are often unaware of the reward that their damages amount for. As a result, insurance companies take advantage of this lack of knowledge and will seek to offer a low-ball settlement. Nonetheless, the best Fort Lauderdale car crash lawyer will negotiate with these firms to ensure that you are compensated correctly.
  • If the incident was provoked by someone driving under the influence of alcohol, car accident lawyers in Fort Lauderdale can request a blood alcohol test from the other driver. Doing so counts as important evidence.
  • The best Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer can point you towards the best medical personnel in the area so that your injuries are effectively treated.
  • Lastly, you should know that car accident attorneys in Fort Lauderdale work on contingency fees. These are a percentage of your recovered damages. If your case is not settled, they will not cost you a single penny.

Hire The Best South Florida Automobile Accident Attorney Right Now! 

This article was brought to you by the best accident law firm in South Florida. The main takeaway from this article is that you can obtain the compensation you deserve and we don’t want you to lose any more time. Every second counts! Call a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer right away!

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