Why divorcing is a more practical option these days?

Divorce is the act of formally ending or dismissing the marriage in front of court and law. Studies reveal that divorces are very common in modern times and the reason for divorces are many, ranging from economic, emotional, ego problems, infidelity, or lack of understanding on the part of the spouses, and many more. One of the dimensions that can be probed in to understand the reasons behind divorces is the feasibility of acquiring divorce services nowadays, things have become more convenient than before as a result of the gaining popularity of the internet. Finding a divorce lawyer online or any other service such as divorce papers Ontario has brought such services to the fingertips of the masses. Such convenience gives people a lot of options and encourages them to take action whenever they feel like it. Let’s discuss some other aspects that might have contributed to the practicality of divorce these days.

Pursuit of Happiness

Marriage is difficult and can be effortless for some rare people but what makes marriages difficult? As mentioned already, things can go wrong in many places, it can be the lack of trust and understanding on the part of the spouses, it can be infidelity, it can be financial problems, it can be emotional problems, maybe egos, etc. Dragging a marriage by ignoring these issues only makes things worse, makes life miserable and in such situations, falling prey to mental illness is the last thing one would want out of their marriage. Therefore, when it comes to the marriage crisis owing to these issues and the growing impetus and belief in the pursuit of happiness – individual happiness – are one of the many reasons behind divorces being very common nowadays. 

Feasible and Simplified Services

As already mentioned before, acquiring divorce services is easier now than before and much of it is the consequence of the growing popularity of the internet and digital marketing which has brought these services to people’s bedrooms. When things are so easy to access and options are at the fingertips, then ending something and starting something becomes easy. Certainly, divorces are still difficult but their feasibility has made the process a bit easier. Therefore, the simplification of acquiring such services has also contributed towards the practicality of divorces nowadays.


Postmodernism is the condition where you question the grand narratives. The institutions of religion and marriage have certainly taken a hit because of the postmodernist perspective. The belief of marriage being a heavenly match or an ideal state of unity has been overtaken by the abuse and oppression in the marriage. The discussion of body, gender, and the classic conflict between individuals versus society has made people question the very practicality of marriage. However, it does not mean that people have no faith in marriage, it’s just that people are very much aware of what they want and their capability.

Surely, there are many other reasons behind the practicality of divorces nowadays but the above-mentioned points are some of the broad areas from where much of the reasons stem out.

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