What Are the Stages of Personal Injury Case?

After your accident, you may be thinking about some of the questions. Some of them like how long the personal injury case will go? Or Will I be able to get the funds back? Or Do I get insurance for the loss? Or what happens in a personal injury case? Thus, you visit the court to get the answers to these questions. It has fewer chances that the outcome resulted positively. Either the case will be closed on an appealing agreement or by paying back the funds.

Moreover, there are mainly two ways to receive the compensation: trial or settlement. In addition, a seasoned personal injury is the best attorney with trial experience to receive compensation. However, most of the time, personal injury cases settle down. But, if both parties disagree on the claim value or liability, they can go for trial. Hence, the below stages will tell how to win your personal injury case?

Stages Of Personal Injury Case

The basic levels of personal injury cases will always remain constant, even if changes occur in the lawsuit’s forms. So, here are the different stages of the personal injury case. You can also hire a personal injury attorney in Gainesville ga. Let’s see the stages of personal injury cases in detail.

  1. Discovery

It is the most important phase that comes before the trial phase. Thus, it is the process of obtaining all the relevant facts or evidence against the opposite side. It will help in reducing any complications during the case.

  1. Personal Injury Trial

In this stage, the jury or the judge will examine all the evidence against the defendant. The plaintiff has the opportunity to prove their case while obtaining a fair judgment against the defendant. The full injury trial cases include:

  • Selection of a jury
  • Opening statements from both sides.
  • Cross-examination and witnessing testimony.
  • Closing arguments from both sides.
  • The Jury got instructions from the judge.
  • The verdict and the jury deliberation
  1. Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are injured and believe someone else is to blame, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer in your area. This is to learn more about your legal options. It’s important to contact an attorney as soon as possible after getting injured. It will help ensure you don’t miss the deadline for bringing a personal injury claim.


The personal injury case either settles on an appealing agreement, o goes for trial. Both of which depend on the defendant and the plaintiff. So, when the personal injury case does not settle, it requires a trial.

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