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How to Get a Police Report After an Accident?

How to Get a Police Report After an Accident?

Millions of police reports are filed all across the country every year. If you were involved in an auto accident where the other party is at fault for the crash, the driver and their insurer are liable for your losses. However, insurance providers are not in the business of volunteering to pay the full value of your claim. While fault for the accident may be crystal clear to you, it’s also up to you to provide sufficient evidence to convince the insurance claims adjuster and the court who’s at fault. 

The police report, also known as the motor vehicle crash report or accident report, is a very powerful piece of evidence for your case. In Georgia, you can get a copy of a police report online, in person, or through your Georgia car accident lawyer. 

Getting a Police Report Through Local Law Enforcement

You can get a copy of the police report by visiting the police department, highway patrol unit, or sheriff’s office that responded to your accident. Before you visit the station, call first to ask for specific instructions on how you can obtain the police report. You should likewise make certain that the station already has a copy of the report available because it often takes 3-5 business days before a copy is available. 

You will need to provide specific details, such as the time and date of the auto accident, as well as the parties involved, to get a copy of the police report. These details are important to determine your eligibility to request and obtain a copy. Serious injury and fatality accidents may take even longer for the official reports to be made available.  

Getting a Police Report Online

The police accident report will be available in the county or city where the accident occurred. But many people prefer the convenience of getting a copy of it online, especially if they live far away from where the accident took place. You can visit the BuyCrash website and order a copy of the report for a fee. You will need to register with the site and create an account to search for the police report. Once you’ve paid for the report, you can download the report and print it out for your records. 

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Alternatively, you can submit a request to the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) using an online request form. A copy of the report costs $5, with an extra charge of $2 for a certified report. You can receive the report by mail or email. 

Call an Experienced Cumming Car Accident Lawyer Now

If you need any help obtaining a copy of your police report following a car accident or need legal advice on your case, don’t hesitate to contact the law office of Banks, Stubbs & McFarland LLP. You can learn more about your car accident case and legal options that will best suit your specific circumstances. You can arrange a consultation with our skilled Cumming car accident lawyers by calling 770-887-1209 or filling out our online form

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