Can you recover for damages in case of a Car Accident?

Facing a car accident can be stressful. If you have just faced a car accident and are feeling frightened, you don’t need to worry. You can contact the Tampa car accident lawyer to get the best advice and assistance after a car accident.

A car accident is just about the physical injury; it can also lead to emotional upheaval. Car accidents are not just caused by just your mistake. Sometimes you may face a car accident even without any fault of yours. If you are facing physical trauma and financial trauma due to a car accident, it’s time to get in touch with a lawyer so that you can manage the situation in a better way. Hiring a lawyer is a good option as they have the needed experience to tackle situations like this. Recovering from the physical injury can take time. But, certain damages can be covered after the accident by the driver who was at fault.

The type of damage that will be covered can depend on your location, and your Tampa car accident lawyer can help you get detailed information about the damages and the claims you can file.

Following are some of the damages that a car accident victim can recover:

Damage to property

In an accident, the victim’s car may be damaged. In addition to this, other items, including the valuable items in the car, can get damaged. Thus, you can look for a property damage claim. The cost that you can recover includes the repairing cost of the vehicle. If the vehicle is destroyed, you can seek the market value of the vehicle. You can recover the damage by sending a photograph of the damaged car. If you feel all these processes are quite challenging, you can hire an attorney who can recover the damages.

Medical expenses

Medical bills are no doubt quite expensive. The bill may include diagnosis cost, hospitalization charges, and the treatment cost. If the other party was at fault, you could also claim medical expenses. Your attorney can help you in this stage by providing documents, bills, and statements by doctors and hospital staff.

Loss of wages

You can also recover damages caused by loss of wages. If you are missing out on work because of a severe injury like loss of limb, your attorney can help you recover the wages. To get claims for loss of wages, you will need to show the pay stubs and if the lost promotion is part of the claim.

Pain and suffering

Your pain and suffering are part of non-tangible suffering. For example, you may need to visit a psychiatrist for counseling. All these expenses will be covered by the person who caused the accident.

As a layman, we may not understand the nitty-gritty of legal tasks. Thus, hiring an attorney or a lawyer who understands the basics is important. You should be in touch with a personal injury lawyer so that you can recover damages in case of a car accident.

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