CRM, the most used tool of the 21st century. It helps the owners & the staff of a business to manage the business not only properly but effectively. It helps the entire business ecosphere in a lot of ways including logistics, procurement, sales, leads, funnelling, closing the deals. The most useful part of it is handling the client relationship. In a nutshell, it smoothens the process of your business outflow. 

Now, in all of these you may think, why would a law firm need it and how would it maximize the revenue with it? Let me tell you, you are in the exact right place if these questions are hovering in your mind right now. Read on to double your law firm revenue using the best CRM for lawyers.

Best 5 law firm CRMS of 2021

Now, CRMS can be specifically customized for a law firm, solicitors, attorney or it be a generic CRM software. As there are highly beneficial siloed CRMS available in the market. If you have the technical idea of customizing them yourself then you will have a lot of options to choose from like ZOHO, Sugar, Pipedrive & so on.

The ones that I am mentioning here are ready-to-use customized ones for medium to large-scale corporate law firms.

  1. Base
  2. Law Ruler
  3. On-Site CRM


An online portal type of SAAS, that allows you the entire database on the go, anytime anywhere.  The most interesting part of it is the reports provided by the CRM. It helps in the development of the client conversion, at a glance view of the pipeline clients, case statistics, idle workforce. And these are the main areas that can increase your profitability. 

Best Specifications:

Easy integration with a wide variety of well-known third-party apps

Detailed at a glance reports with AI involved.

Law Ruler

It is one of the most intuitive ones available in the market. It is not a stand-alone CRM but an entire business solution that can help you automate your entire business process. It is a complete package that includes the ERP for law firm management, an emailing system with internal & external messaging options, a referral system, client status update of the dynamic dashboard. And most importantly latest feature includes call tracking.


It is the one that was built from the beginning as a law firm CRM software. The main objective behind it is to retain the clients from the moment the first session. It gives you real-time updates regarding the client’s necessities and the case preparedness as well as progress. It is focused on lead generation, conversion as well as retaining them.

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